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                               "From My Brain to Yours"

                                                                                               56" x 36"  TRIPTYCH

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     Gay Vogler has a passion to create colorful fine art that she nurtures every day.  She paints whatever sparks her imagination, intuitively and expressively, by means of acrylic, watercolor, or mixed media.


     Gay does not remember not making art. She shared her love for art with whomever came into her life.  She finally became bold enough to share her own art works with the public. She has won awards and sold her fine art.


     She works in Boise, Idaho, building her abstracted depictions of mechanical art, still life, musical world, or nature.  Her passion for and capacity for art-making is fun to watch.



 June 2016 Emmett Cherry Festival Art Show  

            “Wined Around” Watercolor Painting - 1st Place Intermediate Division


August 2021      32 Cells:   Old Idaho Penitentiary 

           “Ethereal” Art Exhibition

                   “Comfort in the Barber Shop” Watercolor Painting on Canvas

                   “Dennis the Cat” Watercolor Painting

                   “The Spirit of Dennis” Watercolor Painting on Canvas


October 1-December31, 2021     Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

            “Catwalk” Juried Online International Exhibition

                    “Dennis the Cat” Watercolor Painting


March 11-April 17, 2022   Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

           “Spring Song” Juried International Exhibition 

                    “Spring’s Song” Acrylic Painting


April 8-May 5, 2022   Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)                                            

           “This Is Us” Juried International Exhibition

                    “Just Show Up” Acrylic Painting         

                    “Sweet Sounds” Watercolor Painting


April 2022 Member    Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA)


June 3-July 7, 2022    Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

            “Visual Voices” Juried Annual Idaho Awards Exhibition

                     “Night Lights” Acrylic Painting - 2nd Place in Acrylic & Oils Category

                      “Gears #6” Mixed Media - Honorable Mention in Mixed Media Category

                      “Gears #3” Watercolor Painting


**July 8-August 4, 2022  Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

          Beautiful Strangers” Annual Signature & Legacy Artists Awards   

                  Emerging Artist of the Year Award

                      “Tangled Guitar” Mixed Media

                      “Sunflowers” Watercolor Painting

                      “A Sighting” Acrylic Painting

                      “Lift Off” Watercolor Painting

                      “On Your Mark” Acrylic Painting


Signature Artist 2022 - Avianne International Gallery of Art (IGFA)


August 2022 - 32 Cells Art Show: Old Idaho Penitentiary, Boise, Idaho

            “Sense of Place”       

                        “Joyride in Lincoln Zephyr” Acrylic Painting

                        “Bars and Roses” Acrylic Painting


September 13, 2022-January 10, 2023   Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA)  - 

            “The Play of Light and Shadow”

                        “Spring’s Shimmer” Acrylic Painting

                        “Night Lights #2” Acrylic Painting


September 16-October 20, 2022    Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

            2022 Juried International Exhibition: “Bountiful”

                        “Love Message” Acrylic Painting        

                        “Gratitude” Acrylic Painting

                        “Whispers in the Evening” Acrylic Painting


October 4-November 30, 2022   Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA)     

             “Opus Juried 2022 Art Exhibition” – Water’s Edge Gallery in Riverside Hotel

                        “From My Brain to Yours” Triptych Acrylic Painting - Honorable Mention Award


January7-March 2, 2023  Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

            2023 Invited IGFA Artists: “Secrets Places”    4 Artists

                        “Through Time” Acrylic Painting

                        “Grinding It Out” Acrylic Painting

                        “Cascading Creek” Acrylic Painting

                        “Gears #6” Mixed Media

                        “Sanctuary” Acrylic Painting

                        “Night Lights #3” Acrylic Painting

                        “Just Show Up” Acrylic Painting

                        “Threads #2” Acrylic Painting

                        “Bars and Roses” Acrylic Painting

                        “Threads #1” Acrylic Painting


April 2023 Member    Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA)


March 4-April 20, 2023   Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

            “Primavera” Juried Art Exhibition

                        “Spring’s Shimmer” Acrylic Painting

                        “Sanctuary” Acrylic Painting

                        “Threads #1” Acrylic Painting


 April 18-July 18, 2023    Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA)  Treasure Chest Gallery

            “UnUsUal” Juried Art Exhibition”

                        “Threads #2” Acrylic Painting


June 10-August 10, 2023   Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)

            “Captivate” Annual International Juried Awards Exhibition for 2023

                        “Dragonflies” Watercolor Painting -  Best of Painting Award

                        “Bees” Watercolor Painting

                        “Butterflies” Watercolor Painting


2023 Signature Artist   Avianne International Gallery of Fine Art (IGFA)


July 28-October 23,2023   Treasure Valley Artist Alliance (TVAA)  TVAA Gallelry

             "Speed" Juried Art Exhibition

                          "Tempest #2" Acrylic Painting

                          "On Your Mark" Acrylic Painting


August 12-19 32 Cells Art Show - Old Idaho Penitentiary, Boise, Idaho


                          "John Snook's Career Chose HIm"  Acrylic Painting


August 18-27, 2023  Western Idaho Fair Fine Arts Department

               Professional Painting Class

                           "From My Brain to Yours" Acrylic Painting Triptych

                           "A Glass of Pinot Noir, Please" Acrylic Painting

                           "Dragonflies" Watercolor Painting


Cover Art:

            Boise Weekly  - “Heartbreak for Ukraine”


            Avianne IGFA - Secret Places, Primavera, Captivate

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